Performance Management Software

Setting employees' goals made easy

Our Performance Management Software streamlines employee performance review process by allowing creation and assignment of appraisal templates to staff and evaluations by respective managers. Managers then can make following decisions such as increments, promotions and bonuses based on given recommendations.

Features of Performance Appraisal Software

Our Performance Appraisal Software supports up to a three-level approval structure, allows for different types of customizable appraisal templates, and final approved appraisals automatically updated in the HRMS Software & Payroll Software


  • Access to online appraisal form where you can assess yourself.
  • Get a notification, invitation, and reminder to finish their evaluations.
  • Remain aware of criticism and particular objectives.

Approving Officers

  • First¬†& Second Level Approving Officers can assess the assessment forms submitted by their employees.
  • Able to input marks for the categories.
  • Able to submit their final recommendations for an increase, bonus, promotion, etc.
  • Allowed to read just the specifics of their own department's employees' appraisals.

HR Managers

  • Can design new templates for appraisals and distribute them to the appropriate employees.
  • Can approve or alter the suggestions from the evaluation.
  • The HR Manager will get all assessment approval suggestions before they are finalised.
  • Ability to examine evaluation information for all workers.
  • Ability to add, modify, and remove employee details.
  • Able to transfer the¬†rights to approvers.

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Our HR Software have all the needs for your HR requirements. You can perform appraisals and manage them through the software and keep the data safe in Info-Tech's Cloud Service. Plus, our software is affordable too!
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Benefits of Performance Appraisal Software

  • Transparency of feedbacks from approving officers
  • Allowing employees to perform self evaluation
  • Accessible on web browsers for on-the-go appraisals
Asides that, the Performance Management System helps to manage training and development for employees' personal advancement.

Appraisal process made easier with Performance Management Software

Web-based software which covers the end-to-end process of a staff appraisal. With Info-Tech Performance Appraisal Software, it makes appraisal creation, allocation, approval and recommendation easier, faster, and smarter for both the staff and the managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You will need approvers to review the appraisals made or requested for the said employee.

Yes. This is for future review in case you need to make comparisons.

As long as you still use our services, we will not remove your old appraisals.