Payroll Software

Automate your payroll calculation and ensure regulatory compliance. Reduce the risk of incorrect payments or deductions.

Compliant with the Single Touch Payroll (STP) which works by sending tax and employees’ payroll information to ATO. ABA file can be generated for salary payment. This eases your entire process of payroll calculation.

Key Features
Our Payroll and HR Software supports necessary payroll features such as pay slips access, tax-related submissions, reports retrievals etc, as well as HR management features such as leave details, staff matters etc. It also includes tools to adjust settings to cater to your needs.

Payroll Basic Functions

  • Pay slip retrieval: able to view and print payslip via portal or mobile app
  • Able to email password protected payslip to employees in a single click
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP): works by sending tax and employees’ payroll information to ATO
  • SuperStream to send SuperAnnuation information to Super Gateway.
  • Directly generate ABA file for salary payment
  • Support multiple pay schedules: Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly.

Payroll Software Reports

  • Able to customize your own report
  • Export report to excel, PDF, or word document
  • Payroll summary report
  • Year-to-date summary
  • Reconciliation/ Salary comparison report
  • Overtime summary report
  • Head count report
  • Employee bio-data (eg. employee basic details, career history, training and appraisal details, insurance etc) with photo


  • VISA Expiry / Other Reminder
  • Supports payroll management of multiple companies; multiple databases can be created within one software
  • Automated back-up: system will do automatic back-up at the scheduled timing.
  • Concurrent multi-users: allows concurrent multi-users access - different users can be created with specific access rights
  • Audit trial function: user’s activities, salary adjustments made are recorded as audit trial. Audit trial reports of users can be viewed by master user
  • Able to lock the payroll period

Leave & Staff Matters

  • Annual Leave / Personal Leave.
  • Leave eligibility based on join date/ financial year
  • Proration of AL
  • Able to monitor Medical claims
  • Family details (children)

HR Software Modules

  • Career progression (increment, promotion, history)
  • Staff trainings
  • Staff appraisals
  • Staff insurances
  • Staff accidents
  • Company asset-holding
  • Staff bonus proposal
  • Staff increment proposal

Onboarding & Offboarding

  • HR able to create and manage candidates’ profiles
  • Candidates able to update their personal details and receive HR memos via Mobile App easily
  • Automated email/ mobile notifications to better facilitate the process for parties involved
  • Approve/ Reject candidates’ profiles
  • Create onboarding and offboarding checklist
  • Manage candidates’ asset allocation/ return
  • Candidates’ summary reports
Compliant with Single Touch Payroll (STP), simplify salary and statutory payments. Seamlessly integrated with other softwares.
Our Cloud based Payroll Software is compliant with the Single Touch Payroll (STP), simplify all aspects of payroll including PAYG withholding, SuperStream and more. Integrated with Attendance, Leave & Claims software which eases your entire process of payroll calculation.
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