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E-Leave Software

Electronic leave application system - Stay updated with Mobile Push Notfication

E-leave software is designed to allow the employees apply their leaves electronically online via web browser or mobile App. Those applied leaves can be approved by respective approving officers via online. This is paperless, convenient fast & easy.

Daily Leave Alert: Every day morning a push notification will be sent to the managers mobile App about todays leave details. It will help the mangers to plan day to day activities efficiently.

Once employee applied a leave, real time push notification & an e-mail alert will be sent to the approving officer Mobile App. Once the leave has been approved / rejected by the officer, real time push notification & an e-mail alert will be sent back to the employee as well.

While approving, the approving officer can view calendar format report which shows other employee’s leave details on the same day. It helps the approving officer to Approve / Reject the leave application.

Approved leave details will be real time updated to our Attendance & Payroll System and the leave details can be shown in the employees pay slip.

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  • Up to three level approval structure
  • Different types of access levels can be set for different Approving Officers
  • Approved leaves will automatically update into the Payroll & system.

Employee Features

  • Employees can change their username & password for their own preference.
  • Employees can apply leave online via browser or smart phone from office / home.
  • Employees can check their current leave application status.
  • Employees are allowed to access their own records only.
  • Employees can view their leave taken reports and print out

Approving Officers Features

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can Approve / Reject their employees leave application.
  • Approving Officers are allowed to view their department employees leave details only.
  • While approving, Officers can view other employees leave taken details on the same day and the balance leave available for that employee.
  • Approving Officers can access the reports to view their own employees leaven taken details.

HR Manager Features

  • All the leave approval request will send to the Payroll Officer or HR Manager for final approval.
  • HR manager can Approve / Reject the leave application.
  • While approving HR can view other employees leave taken details for the same day.
  • HR can view details & summary of leave taken reports for all the employees.
  • HR Manager can create new, edit & delete the employee details.
  • HR Manager can assign the rights for the Approving Officers.