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E-Appraisal Software

Electronic Appraisal Application System

e-Appraisal software allows creating & assigning appraisal template to the staffs and evaluate by respective managers. Based on the recommendation, the HR manger can take further action like promotion, increment, bonus, etc… This is paperless, convenient fast & easy.

E-appraisal software is a web based software which makes the appraisal creation, allocataion and approval process easier, faster and smarter via internet Browser.


  • HR Manager can create different types of customizable appraisal templates for Managers, Junior staffs, Senior staffs, etc…
  • The appraisal content like heading, details & marks can be customized.
  • Different appraisal temple can be assigned to the different staff’s based on their grade.
  • Up to 3 level of approval can be set.
  • For every approval, an e-mail alert will be sent to the next level approving officer
  • Final approved appraisal will automatically update to the HR system & the recommendation like increment, bonus, etc… will auto link to payroll.

HR Manager Features

  • Can create new appraisal templates and assign to the respective staff’s
  • All the appraisal approval recommendation will send to the HR Manager for final approval.
  • HR manager can approve / edit the appraisal recommendation.
  • HR can view details appraisal all the employees.
  • HR Manager can create new, edit & delete the employee details.
  • HR Manager can assign the rights for the Approving Officers.

Approving Officers Features

  • First Level & Second Level Approving Officers can evaluate their staff’s appraisal forms.
  • Officer’s can input marks for each category.
  • Officer’s can make their final recommendation for Increment, bonus, promotion, etc…
  • Approving Officers are allowed to view their department employee’s appraisal only.
  • Approving Officers can access the reports to view their own employee’s appraisal details only.