Door Access Control System

Great security and unique designs

Our Biometric devices are the perfect solution to your organization's security needs. With advanced optical sensors for fingerprint & face recognition technology, it allows you to capture faces and fingers more easily than ever before. Attendance data are recorded and synced real-time into our system and kept safe for future access.

Door Access Control
System Features

With compact and unique design, Info-Tech Fingerprint Door Access is a biometric reader equipped with high quality optical sensor for capturing employees' time attendance into our HR system.

Different types of time zone settings can be set to manage staff access and Door force open & force close can be triggered to the alarm for security purposes.

Has built-in Proximity card Reader - If employee’s fingerprints have problem/damaged, employee can use either proximity card or PIN number to access the door & attendance purpose.

Has built-in controller which can connect to the door EM lock (Electro Magnetic Lock). Once the employee’s fingerprint is verified, it sends the signal to the EM Lock to open the door.

Takes about one second to verify employee’s finger and the Date & time will be stored into the device internal memory.

Data can be downloaded to the access control software and the staff’s accessed timing can be viewed as report. This data can also be linked to our Time Attendance Software via built-in Network card for lateness, overtime calculation purposes.

Up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered. Employee can use any of the fingers to get access to the door.

Can be used as a standalone door access or can be linked to an access control software to set different access timings for different groups of employees.

Fingerprint & Face Recognition Readers Features

Our fingerprint and face recognition readers are built with several features that provide the best performance, quality and capacity.

Key Features (Fingerprint Readers)

  • Fingerprint, Card or Password Verification
  • Stores up to 3000 fingerprint automation identification
  • Communications: Internet, LAN & USB
  • USB Thumb Drive (Support 2.0 Protocol)
  • Optical Sensor window cotton improved image quality, access dry/wet fingers
  • LCD screen providing great visual indication
  • Function to specify special events
  • 50 Time Zone setting, 5 grouping & holiday management

Key Features (Face Recognition Readers)

  • Facial, fingerprint, password and temperature identifications
  • Communication: RS232/485, TCPIP, USB
  • High resolution Infrared Camera
  • USB Thumb Drive (Support 2.0 Protocol)
  • 3” TFT touch screen to provide great visual indication
  • Anti-pass back function
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Seamlessly Integrated with our HRMS System

  • Connect to your Wi-Fi and transfer the data to the software easily
  • Built-in with push algorithm; Data pushed to server immediately via Wi-Fi once fingerprint is scanned or face is recognised
  • High performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor
  • Takes one second or a few seconds to verify finger-scan or face respectively and Date & Time are auto-registered
  • Alternative PIN number may be used for attendance purpose
  • Record your employees' attendance into Time Attendance System

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, so long the visitor is offically registered to your organisation and trusted individuals.

The door access equipments can also use wired internet for better connection.

You may contact our support should anything happens to the biometric readers.

You can use employees' ID number to gain access to your office if the readers cannot read fingerprints or recognize faces.