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Bio Finger III

Fingerprint reader that comes with a reliable optical sensor with strong Intel 32bit X-scale CPU

It has double-engine fingerprint identification arithmetic technology which supports 360 degree rotation identification.

Up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered. While doing attendance the employee can use any one of the finger to do clocking.

It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and the Date & time has been registered into the device.

This fingerprint reader has built-in proximity card reader & key pad. In very rare case if an employee all fingers can’t be register due to natural or accident, then the management can issue a card to that employee for attendance purpose.

Fingerprint Attendance Reader

Those clocked timing can be download to our Time Attendance & Payroll software’s via built-in Network card or via USB thumb drive.

In-built Features

Sensor Reliable Optical sensor
Data Transfer method TCPIP Network (RJ 45) / USB Thumb drive
Capacity 3000 fingerprint Templates
Storage Memory 100,00 verification records
Primary Verification method Fingerprint
Secondary Verification method (optional) Proximity car / PIN number
Verification Message Audio message & displays the employee name

Technical Specifications

Type Optical
Verification time <=2s
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 0.0001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR) 0.01%
Hint Voice English
LCD Display English
Dimension (mm) 190W x 140H x 40D
Weight 500g
Keypad 16 keys (with 4 function keys)
Power Supply 220V AC
Power Consumption < 5W
Operating Temperature 0℃-45℃
Operating Humidity 25% – 80%